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*waves hello*

I'm a writer currently in the midst of writing a novel. It's about 17,000 words in, all posted on my LJ in a locked, special section for only the special people :P

I guess it will be considered YA if it ever gets published (and that is the plan). It's about a girl who is dying of an eating disorder and how it affects her relationship with her best friend and her boyfriend, and it is also about her best friends relationship with a guy whom she hates with a passion. I guess its mostly exposition at the moment, but because I am only showing it to friends all I get is "Wow! It's so great" *Insert favourite line here*. I'm not really after spelling/grammar stuff; I'm after a person who will read each chapter when I post it and give me good, solid concrit. I like to think I'm pretty thick skinned, so I'm not going to cry if you flame the shit out of it (much :D)

I'm also a reader; although not of sci-fi. I'll read absolutely ANYTHING else, so if you need a reader my email is rachaelhowe at hotmail dot com. Shoot me a line some time :D I'm a fast reader, and length doesn't bother me.


Mod Post - New Affiliation!

Genrebetas has been invited to affiliate with genrechallenge.  I think this is an amazing idea so I said yes.  I think this will really help both communities to grow and learn from each other.

Here's a short description of genrechallenge from its maintainer, metafrantic:

"Genre Challenge is a monthly writing challenge; every month I post a new genre, and participants have one month to write a story in that genre, get it betaed, edit it and post it online. there were over 100 stories submitted in the first year (March 2007 - Feb. 2008), totalling almost 300,000 words. About 60% of the stories submitted to Genre Challenge were collected in an anthology and made available for purchase online, with the proceeds going to charity (1/2 to NaNoWriMo and 1/2 to Room to Read). I intend to continue to release a new anthology each year.
Please check out the community and the website (http://www.genrechallenge.org)"

Stuff to be aware of:
If you want to retain FNAEPR to your genrechallenge entry, you can post it to the livejournal community under a friends lock so only friends of genrechallenge can read it.  I recommend this if you are planning on ever getting that story published elsewhere. 


I'm about 10,000 words into a little something that I am trying to write with a touch of observational and sarcastic wit; however, I fear the poor thing is failing somewhat in the entertainment department.
But of course, I am my own harshest critic.
It's quite PG at this point - the entire work will discuss my experiences in a French Immersion university program in the maritimes, but right now I've only gotten so far as my decision leading up to acceptance and arriving at the university. Don't worry, I am a grammar/spelling/punctuation kind of gal, so you won't have to wade through any misused quotation marks or unused capitalization (but be forewarned, I spell Canadian style).
Comment if you'd like to have a look and give me your thoughts! I am looking for some honest and slightly brutal criticism!


Between working, social life and the other comms that I run, I'm finding that I don't have the time to give this community the attention that it deserves. I'm sticking around, but I'm giving main control of genrebetas to funkyturtle who is a much better leader. Happy writing everyone!

Call for Submissions for Open Feedback

It's about time we get the once a week open feedback session going.

If you're interested in having a piece of your work submitted for open feedback, email me at turtle at mts dot net with a description of what you'd like looked at.  I'm looking for something that is under 3000 words long that does not contain anything that would normally be rated NC-17 or X in a U.S. theater.  (The larger work can have it, but the portion we display on the community, available to all community members of all ages, needs to be something that won't get us in trouble.)  This can most certainly be a section of a larger work, a work in progress, two smaller works that add up to under 3000 words, poetry, etc.  It will be posted under a friends-lock so that we aren't causing any conflicts with FNAR, FNAER, or any other rights should you end up publishing it later on.  That means it will only be viewable to community members.  Comments will be welcome from everyone, however please keep in mind the rules of the community when it comes to both requesting and providing feedback.  Respect is critical to a good feedback relationship between writers and readers.  We want that respect maintained in this community at all times.

That being said, if you'd like to offer something to the entire group to provide you with feedback for a week, email me and we'll see about making it happen.

Emergency Short Notice Feedback Requested


I have written a 3000 word short story.  It is a cross between Science Fiction and Horror.  There's some violence, some people dying and some bad words.  I'd rate it PG or maybe a bit higher but nothing a 16 year old couldn't read.  The submission deadline for where I want to send it is Aug 1 so I have very little time to get feedback on it in order to make it better before I send it in.

Is anyone willing to read it and give me suggestions?  I'm open to any and all criticism.  I do not have a thin skin.  I want to make it as good as I can before I send it. 

Anyone willing, please email me:  turtle at mts dot net and I'll get it to you as soon as I see your email.

Thank you!

Hello All

Hi! I figured I'd transplant on over here from writmo buddies. If anyone needs a scifi/ fantasy beta, I'm your girl. I noticed there weren't many of us in that genre so I thought I'd offer my services. Feel free to send me whatever length you want and I can check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as content. Just let me know what you need. The only thing I need beyond the actual piece of writing is a deadline or it might never get done. Drop me a comment if you need anything!

reader available!


I can beta for spelling/grammar if you'd like. I can also beta for style or plot construction, but unless you ask for it, I'll try to to leave it alone. I tend to be pretty critical and nitpicky, so if that's what you're after, I can help you out. Also, I have serious love for semicolons and colons, while excessive commas make me cry. If you really love your commas, tell me and I'll leave them be.

I'll read pretty much anything, but I can only do short things (under 2000 words, please) until May 10 or so. (Finals fill me with hurt and devour my free time.) After that, send me anything. If it's over 10000 words, though, it might take me a bit.

I can accept most file formats (yes, even .scriv), but I'll send it back as a .doc unless you specify otherwise.


Hello everyone. I'm just posting here to let you guys know that I'm also a potential beta reader. I'm pretty busy with work and life in general but I'd be up to taking a look at someones writing.

Things that I can offer as a beta:

I think that at the moment I'd be up to helping with plot problems and things of that nature. I'm most certainly not the person that you should go to when looking for help with grammar. :)

Things that I won't read:

-I know nothing about Sci-fi so I'll be of very little help with something like that.

-No incest or pointless erotica. If you've got things of an adult nature in your story I'll read it with zest but it has to have a point.

I'd be happy to read fantasy, literary fiction, general, romance...even a little horror.